construction services, project management

The same diligence should go into the construction phase of a project as the planning and design phase. Distinct Designs offers two separate approaches for interior construction management services.

Our client base is small businesses with office space of 10,000 square feet or less including new construction and renovation.

design build, remodel,

The turn-key approach delivers both design and construction project management services.

Design and construction personnel work in concert to provide integrated expertise resulting in quicker and more cost effective results as well as the seamlessly integration of design into building systems.

construction project management

This approach provides on site management throughout the construction phase.

• Investigate into possible issues of foreseeable   problems that could occur.
• Receive bids and assist in pre-qualifying, evaluating   and negotiating.
• Monitor construction to be done according to the plans   and specifications.
• Manage project schedule and budget.
• Assist Owner in making quick decisions to keep the   project moving as scheduled.